"Paul Zim is a minstrel with a mission. He is driven by a compulsion
to bring Jewish Music to the ears and hearts of the entire world."

Yaacov Luria
National Jewish Post & Opinion

When it comes to great entertainment and fun times, kids of all ages enjoy Paul Zim. Internationally acclaimed, he has impeccable credentials as a showman, composer, and entertainer. He has established himself as a unique voice in Jewish entertainment.

With over 25 releases to his credit, Paul Zim is a popular Jewish recording artist today, having appeared on the Broadway stage and feature films. He appeared in Ira Levin's off-Broadway play, "Cantorial" where his voice was used as the ghost cantor. He appeared as the cantor in Sidney Lumet's "A Stranger Among Us": starring Melanie Griffith and his voice was featured in Abby Mann's "War and Love", depicting the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

Paul Zim appeals to all generations, and is in constant demand for concert appearances throughout the world.