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Cantorial Classics Volume 1:
The Classic Sounds of Shabbat

An anthology of musical compositions taken from the Shabbat liturgy with choir and orchestra.
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9 cantorial recordings including:
Kee Lekach Tov
Sim Shalom
Kol Adoshem
Magain Ovos
Yehi Rotzon / Rosh Chodesh Bentching
Birkat Kohanim
& more!
Cantorial Classics, Vol. 2
An anthology of cantorial selections taken from prayers of the weekday, Shabbat, The Three Festivals, Yom HaShoah and the wedding ceremony.
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10 cantorial selections including:
V'liyerushalayim Ircho
Eilu D'vorim
Vehu Rachum
Birkat Kohanim
Ani Maamin
Shuvi Nafshi
& more!
Vintage Cantorials for the High Holy Days
Accompanied by choir and organ
11 cantorial masterpieces including:
Veehee Rotzon
Vaani S'Filosi
Uvyom Simchaschem
Keil Melech Yosheiv
Kol Nidrei
& more!