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It's Good to be Jewish - and I like It!
Children sing along with Paul Zim in this recording which will foster feelings of Jewish pride in your child.

What They're Saying About It's Good to be Jewish
and I Like It!
It's Good to be Jewish and I Like It!
There Was a Little Man
I Made a Little Challah
We Sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom
Menucha - It's Quiet Time
A Latke is a Pancake / The Purim Song
The Macaroon Song
The Hebrew Alphabet
Hebrew Can Be Fun
Honor Your Father and Mother
I Give Tzedakah
The Peace Song
Yihyeh Shalom
Wherever You Go
It's Good to be Jewish and I Like It! (Reprise)
Zimmy Zim's Zoo
and Noah's Ark too!

18 educational and entertaining songs including:
Noach Eesh Tzaddik
Dod Moshe (Old McDonald)
Going to the Zoo
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Noach Built a Boat on Shore
& more animal fun!

Sweet Singing Lullabies
Sing-A-Long for Moms & Dads (and Grandparents too!)
15 soothing songs including:
Laila - Good Night
Rozinkes Mit Mandlen
Numi Numi
Oif'n Pripitchok
Good Night, Svetlana
When You Wish Upon A Star
& more!
The Wonderful World of Shabbat
The Wonderful World of Shabbat

The Shabbat in song for young kids and kids of all ages!
These original melodies by Paul Zim and sung by a fantastic children's choir starts with Friday evening and ends with a spirited arrangement of Eliyahu HaNavi for Havdalah.

17 educational, lively tunes including:
Wonderful World of Shabbat
L'cha Dodi
Ki Heim Chayeinu
Sim Shalom
Adon Olam
& others!

Shabbat Is Here!
The best Shabbat Songs from yesterday and today!
See what they're saying about Shabbat is Here!
19 adorable songs including:
Bim Bam
Shabbat Is A Comin'
Challah Days
Today is Friday
L'cha Dodi
The Tot Shabbat Song
Oseh Shalom
Mollie Challie
Shavua Tov
Shlosha Kochavim
A Good Week

Shabbat (Shabbos) Music  |  Passover (Pesach) Music
 Chanukah (Hanukah) Music  |  Other Jewish Holiday Music
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