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Let’s Make A Seder - How To Conduct One
This one hour recording, featuring Paul Zim accompanied by adults and children, teaches the important highlights of the Passover Seder

25 tracks including:
Kadeish Urchatz (Babylonian Medley)
Kiddush (Traditional)
Ha Lachma
Ma Nishtana
Avadim Hayeenu
Baruch Hamakom
V'hee Sheamda (Traditional)
Let My People Go ( Spiritual)
The Ten Plagues (Traditional)
Dayeinu (Traditional)
Passover Seder Sing-A-Long

20 of the most popular Passover Songs including:
Kadeish Urchatz
Ten Plagues (Eser Makot)
Echad Mi Yodiah
L'Shana Habbah Biy'rushalayim Habnuyah
& much more!
Seder Nights
Featuring the singing sensation, the "Haggadettes"
17 Passover Sing-A-Longs
for kids of all ages including:

Ma Nishtana
Let My People Go
One Morning - "The Frog Song"
The Afikomen Song
Chad Gadya
The Macaroon Song
& more

Shabbat (Shabbos) Music  |  Chanukah (Hanukah) Music
Other Jewish Holiday Music  |  Children's Music
Jewish Wedding Music  |  Yiddish Music  |  Cantorial Music