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Everybody Sings on Shabbat
New participatory music for Shabbat worship that emphasizes the new spirit of the Synagogue today, encouraging congregational participation.

20 selections including:
Niggun Likrat Shabbat
Shabbat Shalom
Come Let Us SIng (Psalm 98)
Prayer for Healing (I) (Cantor and Congregation)
Al Shelosha D'varim
Birkat Kohanim (Cantorial) (Not on MP3)
Ein Keloheinu
L'cha Dodi
Mizmor Shir - Tov L'hodot
Yihyu L'ratzon (May the Words)
Lo Teivoshi (Cantorial) (Not on MP3)
Adon Olam (Temple and Concert version)

The Friday Night Shabbat Sing-A-Long
30 traditional songs including:
L'cha Dodi - Shabbat Shalom
Hinei Ma Tov
L'chu N'ran'nah
Come Let Us Sing
Ahavat Olam
Shalom Rav
Shabbat Shalom
The Wonderful World of Shabbat
The Wonderful World of Shabbat

The Shabbat in song for young kids and kids of all ages!
These original melodies by Paul Zim and sung by a fantastic children's choir starts with Friday evening and ends with a spirited arrangement of Eliyahu HaNavi for Havdalah.

17 educational, lively tunes including:
Wonderful World of Shabbat
L'cha Dodi
Ki Heim Chayeinu
Sim Shalom
Adon Olam
& others!

Shabbat Is Here!
The best Shabbat Songs from yesterday and today!
See what they're saying about Shabbat is Here!
19 adorable songs including:
Bim Bam
Shabbat Is A Comin'
Challah Days
Today is Friday
L'cha Dodi
The Tot Shabbat Song
Oseh Shalom
Mollie Challie
Shavua Tov
Shlosha Kochavim
A Good Week
Shabbat Top 40 Hit Parade
A Sing-A-Long for the Entire Family featuring "The Zim-Golly-Golly" Singers
40 Traditional Melodies for Shabbat including:
Bim Bam/Shabbat Shalom
Shalom Aleichem
Eshet Chayil
Sh'ma Yisrael
Adon Olam
Y'did Nefesh
& much more! !

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